Make Peace


Helsinki by Nina Lindfors

Helsinki is a beautiful place. I would love to go back someday.


The wonder of birth is usually associated with The Female. However, men have a role as well – and last but not least there is the newborn. This sacred trinity of The Family and its special energy has always been important in the history of humankind, and it has always been the reason why birth is…

Kimi Raikkonen, Bahrain GP 2014


Biblioteca del Monasterio de Fitero A.H. Alonso Hernández Asociados


I want you to look at me the way I look at you.
I want you to see my expanding stomach and tell me that we should go work out together.
I want to have a beer with you some nights and relax in our undies watching reruns of our favourite tv shows.
I want to wake up to…


If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I’ll follow you into the dark.

Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.
Osho (via universal-wanderer)